Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Sunday

Started off my Sunday at 1pm. Then later got some crepes and ice cream at Frostbites with the baby momma and friends along with Lalene and Riley. Random right? Ended up somehow at signal hill then dinner at Sweetie Thai. As we were about to drop off the baby momma (billie), Alex (baby momma's boo) invited us in. Ended up watching Tangled again then headed on home. Truly a random but oddly pleasant way to spend one's Sunday. Life's weird like that sometimes i guess :P


  1. Geez you make it sound like all of us hanging out is a BAD thing -____-.

  2. hahah maybe i didnt word it very well. i had fun though! tell alex thanks for having us over

    there! glass half full :]

  3. holy crepe that crap looks yummy!! ps. riley lookin all cute as always<3