Monday, April 4, 2011

Have I Shared Too Much?

This past Saturday I had the honor and pleasure of working on set of the up coming short movie Have I Shared Too Much? I was really nervous at first since this was going to be the first short movie I've ever worked on, let alone my first role as the DP. But I really have the rest of the production crew to thank, for such a great job! You guys really eased my stress and made this production an awesome experience. I'd especially like to thank Parimal Rohit for giving me this opportunity and for believing in my work. And of course to Sameer Acharya for his awesome direction! Well I can here the "wrap it up" music starting to play so now I leave you all with some behind the scene pictures taken by lalene leav

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Directed By
Sameer H. Acharya
Written By
Sameer H. Acharya
Screenplay By
Sameer H. Acharya
Produced By
Parimal M. Rohit

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